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Feeding Profits

Growing healthy animals through CHS animal nutrition means producers have access to quality feeds at a great price, expert nutritional consultation and value-added services like ration formulation and benchmarking feed efficiency. Whether you have dairy, beef, swine or poultry, we can help you develop a feeding program to meet your growth and production goals. 

In addition to livestock feed, CHS can meet the nutritional needs of almost any animal you raise or feed, including horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and goats.

We hold the HACCP certification at our feed mills, meaning we have passed a rigorous audit demonstrating to customers and consumers our commitment to producing safe and healthy feed every single day. 
Here’s how we supply a broad range of animal nutrition products and services:

  • We have partnered with Payback®, Buckeye® and Renaissance® to provide leading nutritional solutions for producers in western Michigan.
  • We are the leading toll mill manufacturer in Michigan with our two feed mills conveniently located in Hamilton and Holland.
  • We supply feed through more than 45 retail locations across Michigan and Indiana.


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