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Farmer-owned with Global Connections


The CHS Country Operations division is a trusted ag retailer that is creating connections between North American farmers and ranchers and knowledgeable experts, innovative products, dependable supplies and global markets.

Serving more than 450 communities, these CHS-owned retail locations supply crop nutrients, seed, crop protection products, precision ag technology, agronomy services, animal feed and nutrition services, refined fuels, propane, lubricants, automated refined fuel delivery and other energy programs, grain marketing services, farm supply products and more – all backed by sound advice and critical market insights from local experts. In addition to collaborating with farmers and ranchers, they provide retail services for other residents and businesses in rural communities in 16 states.

The division generates billions of dollars of annual revenue. Because CHS is a farmer-owned cooperative, local producers share in that success through cash and equity patronage dividends, plus they provide valuable cooperative oversight through local producer boards.

CHS assets include railroad shuttle loaders, fertilizer hub facilities, barge-loading facilities and many other infrastructure investments that ensure reliable supply while moving products quickly to meet seasonal demands.

In Michigan, CHS Country Operations is headquartered in Hamilton, with locations in Holland, Wayland, and Traverse City. With 100 full-time employees, we service over 1,000 farmer-owners and almost 10,000 customers.

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