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Farmland Opportunity

CHS Capital, LLC has entered into an agreement with Farmers National Company (FNC), Omaha, Nebraska to provide land management and real estate services for the 14,400 acres that CHS Capital owns in Michigan. CHS Capital parcels that are going to be leased will be available on the FNC website on or before Friday, January 19, 2018. To review the parcels and participate in the bidding process, please go to:

Review the bid packet thoroughly.  If you have any questions regarding the bidding process or the properties, please contact Steve Herr of Farmers National.  Steve’s mobile number is 810-569-5638.  Please pay close attention to details and the due dates for all bids. The CHS executive team continues to be focused on achieving the best possible outcome for CHS and its owners.  The open bidding on these properties is the next step towards that success. Thank you.

Helping You Grow

CHS – the nation’s leading cooperative – with locations in Hamilton, Holland, Traverse City, Wayland and Wayland, Mich., serves farmers, consumers and home builders through our agronomy, eggs, energy, feed and lumber businesses. Whether it’s in our offices, in your fields or in our community, we are here to help you grow. Talk with us today to get started.

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